ケン | 冬空 [pixiv]
I hope you do realize that your last 4 posts are from pixiv. The last Seliph art even has artist on tumblr as well. Please use saucenao and add source properly. Zerochan is never a source. If you can't source the arts, it's better not to post it.
─ Anonymous

i will try to be better in that subject. sometimes i just reblog the images from another tumblrs , so i dont know if the image keeps the comments or the real source dont post them.

but thanks anyway!

usually zerochan credits the artist. (im not the previous anon btw)
─ Anonymous

really? im going to check that and change the description !!


Can you please add artist source to all fanarts you post? If you don't give credits, it's still counted as stealing.
─ Anonymous

if they were from pivix sure, i will do it, but most of the pictures are from zerochan, random image pages, so i cant know the artist name!.

hope that gives you mental peace :)


trying out how to paint rivers…which turned out looking like meat instead